CNC Machining Services in Lafayette, LA

CNC Machining Capabilites

At Hydro-Blade MFG, our experienced machinist have your needs covered through expertise combined with rapid turnaround, precision, scalabiltiy, and accuracy. We can handle anything from low volume prototype runs to large scale product manufacturing runs. When it comes to CNC Machining, we have the capabilities to become a reliable partner to your business.

We understand that we are producing quality machined parts that are critical to your product launches. Given the importance of quality components being delivered on time, our machinist are equipped to handle the challenge.

Haas VF-4 CNC MIll


X Axis

Y Axis

Z Axis

Spindle Nose to Table (~max)

Spindle Nose to Table (~min)


50.0 in

20.0 in

25.0 in

29.2 in

4.2 in


1270 mm

508 mm

635 mm

742 mm

107 mm

Haas TL-3 CNC Lathe

Chuck size: 12″

Swing: 20″

Turning Dia: 20″