When The Ragin’ Cajuns Racing Team approached Hydro-Blade asking us to help them manufacture custom race car parts in order to compete in Formula SAE Competitions, we were excited to lend a helping hand. The team was on a mission to develop a quality race car that would also provide a dynamic learning environment where they could gain valuable engineering experience by researching, designing, manufacturing and testing a small formula-style car. Using our Waterjet and CNC Lathe, we were able to work hand in hand with the UL Race Team to produce the steering wheel baseplate, suspension uprights, pedals, and drive sprocket for their amazing formula SAE race car.

Austin Diodene (President of Ragin’ Cajun Racing) Demonstrates the race car running

Custom Race Car Parts Manufactured by the Hydro-Blade Team:

Custom Waterjet Cut Steering Wheel Base Plate
Custom Waterjet Cut Gas and Brake Pedals
Custom Waterjet Cut and CNC Machined Drive Sprocket
Custom CNC Machined Suspension Uprights

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Finished Race Car